Should I Consider A Short Sale When Looking For A New Home?

When you are considering buying a home, you may be looking at several different factors when choosing the perfect home. It is important to find a home for sale that you can afford that is nice and in a good neighborhood. If you are struggling to find a home that you love and can afford, you may want to consider a short sale. It can reduce the price of home that is for sale and end up saving you money.

How To Make Sure Your Home Is Secure Before You Go On Vacation

Getting ready for vacation can be a whirlwind of laundry, shopping, packing and getting the car ready for the road trip. In all this flurry of activity, it's easy to ignore preparing for your home's security for when you are away. However, taking just a few easy steps can help guarantee that your home will be just as you left it when you come back from your trip. Steps to securing your home before you leave on vacation