Buying A Condo? 3 Reasons To Consider Skipping Balcony Units

Whether you are shopping for a condo, house, or townhome, you want to determine your wants and needs to make the correct purchase. When you plan on buying a condo, you must analyze different features and qualities compared to single-family homes and townhomes.

Some condos have balconies, while others do not have one. While you may like a balcony in some ways, you will find it helpful to learn the reasons to skip a balcony with your purchase.


Right away, you may notice that the majority of condo listings do not have balconies. This fact makes it harder to shop for a condo and find one you love because of fewer units to analyze.

For instance, you might have dozens more options when you skip a balcony. As a result, you are more likely to find one with features and qualities that you love and want to prioritize. This freedom can also speed up the buying process because you can find a suitable condo quickly.


When you get a balcony, you may have to worry about insects outside. An uncovered and non-screened balcony means that insects will have immediate access to your balcony area. As someone who does not like insects, you might not like dealing with insect problems. While spring and summer often have excellent weather, you will find lots of insects flying around.

Fortunately, you can still get fresh air, natural light, and great outside views with windows while protecting your home from insects with window screens. The key is to prioritize condo listings with windows with screens in great condition that provide a secure perimeter seal.


Some people love staying at home in their free time to read books, play games, or watch movies. Others may prefer going out with family and friends. You can enjoy either of these lifestyles without a balcony, which means you can skip this feature with your condo purchase.

An important part of the condo-buying process is determining how much a balcony will impact your daily life and routine. When you conclude that you are unlikely to use a balcony more than once or twice a month, you can purchase a unit that does not have one with total confidence.

Some people who buy a condo with a balcony will enjoy the feature. However, you can use these tips to find out whether skipping a balcony is worthwhile with your condo purchase.

Reach out to a real estate agent for help selecting a condo.