Interested In Homesteading? 3 Tips For Buying A Home In A Suburban Neighborhood

While living in rentals, you may have grown interested in homesteading. However, you do not have to buy in a rural area to get into this lifestyle. You can buy a single-family home in a suburban neighborhood and still enjoy valuable city services.

An important part of your purchase is ensuring that the place is viable for essential homesteading activities and processes. So pay attention to online home listings and go further in-depth when visiting to buy a home with the setup you need to get started.


Homesteading is all about self-sufficiency, which makes a suitable landscape important because you want to grow your own fruits, legumes, vegetables, herbs, and other foods. While some plants can do well without the sun, most want several hours of direct sunlight. So you want to prioritize backyards that get unobstructed sunlight throughout most of the day.

To find this kind of property listing, you want to look at outside photos to determine whether there are nearby obstructions out of your control. For instance, a neighbor may have a three-story house or a tall tree that might get in the way of your plants getting sunlight every day.

Solar Panels

Generating your own energy is something you can do with a solar panel system. While you can add solar panels to your backyard, you may want to prioritize your roof for ideal results. A roof is great for solar panels because of a lower risk for visual obstruction and landscape debris. You may not have to worry about tree debris getting on the solar panel with an optimal property.

After finding homes that you like, you can determine the solar rooftop potential for each property to help you narrow down your options.


While you may not get a barn in a suburban neighborhood, you can get valuable structures to help with homesteading. A multi-car garage is useful for how much storage it can provide, especially because you may want to store lots of outdoor and gardening equipment and tools.

Picking a small house that your family will be comfortable in is often the smartest idea for aspiring homesteaders. A small home does not require as much energy as larger properties, making it easier to generate all the energy you need from your own solar panels.

Buy a home with these things in mind to help you bring homesteading to a suburban area.

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