6 Benefits To Renting Office Space In A Business Center

When you are self-employed, everyone thinks you are living the dream: working fewer hours for more money. The truth is that starting your own company and working from home is not all it is cracked up to be. In fact, one of the key drawbacks of working from home is that you are physically at home all the time. For many self-employed people, renting office space in a business center can offer the best of both worlds.

1. Coffee shop

Working outside the home is good for a change of pace. Your local coffee shop, however, could be getting a little sick of you. While there are no hard and fast rules on time limits for working at a coffee shop, library, or other location with free WiFi, renting an office guarantees you a place to work without the guilt of overstaying your welcome with your local baristas. 

2. Family 

The pandemic has taught many people that working from home while sharing the space with a spouse, roommate, parent, or child is not conducive to getting work done. Noise and interruptions can be incredibly distracting and cut down on your productivity. 

3. Pajamas 

While the idea of working from your sofa in your pajamas every day may seem like a plus initially, it is actually not a good idea. In fact, experts say that getting dressed for the day helps with both productivity and overall mental health. If you rent an office space, you will be compelled to make the effort to get dressed every day. 

4. Clients 

Renting office space allows you to meet face-to-face with clients in a professional setting. Rather than arranging a central location that may not be as professional, such as the coffee shop from above, you will have a space of your own that lets the client know that you are a professional who is to be taken seriously.

5. Write-off 

While working from home may mean figuring some complicated business write-offs on your taxes, renting an office in a business center is a clear-cut deduction for your small business. Always consult a tax professional regarding deductions for your personal situation.

6. Leaving at night 

For many small business owners, it can be hard to "turn off" work when it is in the next room. When you rent space in an office building, you physically leave everything behind and allow yourself to be fully present with your family and friends in the evenings. 

Owning a small business is great, but it is even better when you have a dedicated office space to utilize every day.

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