Why It's Best To See Homes In Person With Your Real Estate Agent

There are times when it's just not possible to see a home in person with your real estate agent also present. Maybe your agent is away for the weekend and you need to see the home right away. Or perhaps you're moving to a different city, so you have to have your agent video the home and show it to you. However, if you have the chance to see a house in person with your real estate agent, you should take the opportunity. Here are some reasons to stick with this classic approach.

Your real estate agent can point out things you overlook.

When you visit a home you're thinking of buying, there are so many details to look at. You need to pay attention to the carpet, the condition of the roof, the size of the bathroom — and the list goes on and on. With so many important details, it is so easy to overlook something important. When you and your agent are in the home together, there are two sets of eyes, so you're less likely to miss something. Your agent can point out things you might miss if you were to look at the home on your own. And with you both present in the home, you'll know exactly what they mean when they do point something out.

Your real estate agent can read the subtext from the seller's agent.

Sometimes when you look at a home, the selling agent will make comments that you, as someone who is not an agent, may not quite understand. But your buyer's agent will definitely understand what is meant. For instance, if the seller's agent says "they're only entertaining offers over asking" you might not realize this means you need to make a really great offer on the home, and fast, if you stand a chance at getting it — but your agent will!

Your agent will learn what you like.

As you walk through the home with the agent, you can point out things you do like and things you don't like. Even if you don't end up buying that specific home, the experience of walking through the home together will give your agent a more clear idea of your preferences. This will help them choose more suitable homes for you to look at in the future.

Technology has made it possible to see homes remotely, on-video, and separate from your agent. But if the two of you are able to see a home together, that is still the best way.

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