Six Amenities To Consider In Your Dream Home

Some of the best things about being able to afford a luxury residential home are all the fun amenities you may find. Whether you are having your home custom-built or are simply looking at luxury residential home listings, here are six awesome features to consider.

Swimming Pool

Even modest homes have outdoor swimming pools, but few have indoor swimming pools. Some luxury homes even have both! If swimming is your thing, you may want a pool outdoors as well as indoors. Add a hot tub and a sauna, and you will have your own private spa that will rival the best of them.

Rec Center

If you enjoy playing tennis, basketball, or racquetball, outdoor courts will ensure you can play the game whenever it suits you. You may also want to consider an indoor recreational center in your luxury home. In addition to playing on the courts, you can create a home workout center and never have to visit the local gym again.


If you are into recreation of a different kind, a home bar may be just what you need. A large bar will allow you to entertain your friends, shoot a game of pool, sit down to a high stakes game of poker, or even hit the lanes on your own bowling alley.

Dressing Room

A dressing room is far more than a walk-in closet. With a dressing room, not only can you store your clothing for all seasons, you can store your shoes, ties, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories. A luxury dressing room will also include a mirrored vanity you can sit at to get ready.

Some may even have the added convenience of a washer and dryer as well as an ironing board and attached sewing room! Why drag dirty laundry throughout the house when it's so much more convenient to keep the machines where they are needed most, where your clothing lives.

Panic Room

Luxury homes typically have wealthy homeowners. And while they may be equipped with the latest and greatest security equipment, a panic room you can escape to in the event of a security breach can offer tremendous peace of mind.


Does the idea of brewing your own beer or making your own wine intrigue you? Having your own space to store all the tools of the trade and create your craft brews or bottle and house your wine would be a dream come true.