Why You Should Seriously Consider Moving To A Garage Apartment

If you're in the process of looking for an apartment and just aren't thrilled about the prospect of living in a traditional complex, you should consider looking for a garage apartment. Garage apartments are generally located in residential neighborhoods that are zoned for single family homes rather than in districts that are zoned for multi-family housing. Following are just several of the many reasons why you should consider renting a garage apartment.

You'll Have More Privacy 

In many ways, living in a garage apartment is the same as living in a small house. You won't have neighbor noise on the other side of your walls or be kept awake by the sound of heavy footsteps overhead. There won't be people coming and going at all hours, and you might even have a small space for gardening as well as a private outdoor area to enjoy. 

You'll Live on a Quieter Street

Neighborhoods that are zoned primarily for single family dwellings have far less traffic than their counterparts where multi-family units are the norm. You won't be fighting traffic or constantly be annoyed by typical urban sounds such as sirens because you won't be on a main thoroughfare. You also won't be living in close proximity to many businesses if you live in a garage apartment.

You'll Save Money

Garage apartments tend to be smaller than the typical apartment, and this translates into lower heating and cooling costs. You may also save money because smaller spaces don't need as much furniture, decor items, and household accessories. You also won't find yourself accumulating so much stuff if you live in a small garage apartment -- if you're an impulse shopper, you'll find yourself stopping to ask yourself if you really need to spend the money when tempted by certain items. 

You'll also find yourself purchasing smaller versions of essential household items. Smaller furniture costs significantly less than full-sized furniture, for instance, and products such as countertop appliances like coffee makers, microwaves, and slow cookers are not only less expensive than their larger counterparts like ovens; they use a lot less energy. 

You'll Save Time

Small spaces take far less time to clean and maintain than their larger counterparts, so you'll have more time to simply enjoy your life. If you're spending most of your day working or going to school, the last thing you want to do when you come home is spend your time performing household upkeep chores. 

Your local property management company can provide you with more information on which type of apartment is best suited to your personal needs and preferences.