Keeping Mice Out Of Your Garden Storage Shed

If you have a storage shed on your property that houses your gardening tools and supplies, you will want to keep these items protected from the possibility of damage from rodents. Since mice tend to transfer bacteria to items they touch, and since they harbor some diseases, it is best to try to keep them away from your gardening items altogether. Here are some tips you can use to keep these pesky rodents out of your garden shed.

Take Time To Eliminate Passageways

It is best to do a complete evaluation of the exterior of your garden shed to find spots in need of repair. If there are cracks or crevices apparent, they will need to be filled in their entirety to help in keeping mice (as well as insects) from getting inside of the structure. Use caulk to fill in any open areas you find. Larger holes can be covered with pieces of flashing or portions of the shed can be revamped with new pieces of wood or siding. Use weather-stripping on the bottom of your garden shed door to aid in plugging up a gap if there is one noticed.

Use Some Deterrents To Keep Mice At Bay

Mice tend to stay away from anything that smells like peppermint. Consider adding peppermint plants to the ground around the perimeter of your garden shed to help keep rodents from getting too close. You can also dip some cotton balls inside peppermint oil and place them in the corners of your shed to help keep mice away. Place a plastic owl or hawk on the rooftop of your shed. These can be purchased from a hunting store or from a gardening supply service. These decoys will make mice think a bird of prey is watching their every move, keeping them at a distance as a result.

Remove Attractions From The Area

Mice will try to eat any type of seed you have stored inside your garden shed. It is best to place seeds inside sealed containers with secure lids. Alternately, bring them into your home so they are not at risk of being eaten by rodents. If you have a wood pile on your property, make sure it is positioned in an area away from the view of your shed. This will help minimize the chance of mice that live between the logs in coming to the building to look for shelter or food.

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