Signs That It's Time to Upgrade from a Bachelor Apartment to a One-Bedroom Unit

Many people who finally move out on their own and rent their first apartment unit will begin with a bachelor apartment. This smaller-sized unit can accommodate your needs for years, but you may eventually reach a point that a one-bedroom unit would be more suitable. People think about upgrading their apartment size when someone moves in with them or when they have a child, but the reality is that there are a number of other signs that may suggest it's time to upgrade your apartment unit. Here are some examples.

You've Earned a Pay Raise

If you're working hard and have earned a pay raise, a nice way to celebrate is to think about moving from your bachelor apartment into a one-bedroom unit. Talk to someone in the apartment's rental office to find out the price difference between what you're currently paying and what you'd be paying in a one-bedroom apartment. In many cases, the price difference between the two sizes of unit will be suitable based on your increase in pay, prompting you to make this exciting move.

You Have Frequent Overnight Guests

The frequency with which you entertain overnight guests can also suggest that it could be time to step up to a larger apartment. Whether you often have friends stay over from out of town, have a significant other that spends a night a week at your apartment, or have nieces and nephews over for semi-regular sleepovers, more space can be needed. With a one-bedroom apartment, you can take the bedroom, and your overnight guests can take the couch or even set up an air mattress on the living-room floor. These sleepovers can be a little more crowded when you're in a bachelor apartment, as there may just be space for the person to lie on the floor beside your bed.

Someone Is Moving In with You

Whether you've invited a significant other, sibling, or roommate to share your space, it's time to seriously think about moving up to a one-bedroom apartment—or even a two-bedroom unit. Having an additional permanent resident can make a bachelor apartment feel a little cramped and provide challenges that you don't need. For example, if one person wants to study and the other wants to watch TV, there may not be enough space to perform these tasks separately. In a one-bedroom unit, you can easily each get a little "me time" because of the increased square footage of the apartment.