More Easily Reading Real Estate Listings

Real estate listings are a great way to find homes in a local area, but they are often written in a way that requires a little learning to master. For example, there are many abbreviations and certain keywords that buyers should look for when buying a home. Here's how anyone can better understand real estate listings.

Abbreviations Are Heavily Used In Real Estate Listings

Real estate listings often use a variety of abbreviations to make them easier to understand and to save money when paying for advertising space. These abbreviations are typically quite easy to understand such as "dr – dining room," "flrs – floors," and "fp – fireplace." Usually it is fairly easy to understand these abbreviations when read in the context of a listing.

For example, "This is a 2-flr home" is fairly easy to understand as "this is a two-floor home." Other abbreviations, such as "3-br" obviously means "three bedrooms" while "100 sq. ft mbr" indicates a "one-hundred square foot master bedroom."

Understanding Certain Keywords

When reading a real estate listing, it is important to look for keywords that indicate a high-quality home. For example, when a seller uses the word "beautiful" to describe a home, it will likely sell 15 percent faster, making it one to check out as soon as possible. Other great keywords to watch for include

  • Granite
  • Curb appeal
  • Maple
  • Gourmet
  • Landscaping

Keywords that you should avoid include words like "motivated, move-in condition, or value," as these words are vague and often hide a home that is in fairly rough condition. This is especially true when they describe specific aspects of the home using these terms.

Example Of A Real Estate Listing

A typical real estate listing will be written in a way that outlines the qualities of the home in a way that draws attention to the best features and describes them in a meaningful way. For example, a typical listing for a three-story home with a two-car garage, lake access, and a friendly community may read using the description below:

"This beautiful 3-flr home has a gorgeous view of a nearby lake. It is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a 200 sq. ft kit, 2-car garage, a 300 sq. ft lr, all with recently updated HVAC. Lake access lets you swim and fish on a gorgeous and fun lake. Located in a friendly community of tight-knit friends, this home is a great choice for a family looking to settle in for a long time."

By fully understanding how to read real estate listings properly, it is easier to find a home that suits a person's needs perfectly. Though some publications may alter their listings slightly depending on their unique needs, most will use similar abbreviations and keywords. If you need help, consider using real estate professionals like those at KoenigRubloff Realty Group - Elmhurst.