How to Sell a House in Winter

The winter season isn't typically thought of as the best time to sell a home, but sometimes you have no choice. The key is to make your home attractive to what buyers are looking out for during the cold winter months. As with any season, a lot is about staging. The following tips can help you make a good impression on buyers even when the weather outside is less than delightful.

Stay Accessible

Chances are, you will lose a buyer if their first impression of your home comes when slipping on ice on the front steps. Your main goal is to keep all pathways, both in the front and back of the house, clear of ice and snow so potential buyers can safely approach the house and view the property. If you can't keep up on this chore yourself, then splurge on a service to come out and shovel and de-ice after every winter storm.

Make a Welcome Entry

Slush and snow will quickly make a mess of the entryway if you aren't careful. A large rubber bar mat just outside the door allows people to stomp off the snow without making a puddle, since the moisture seeps through bars in the mat. A second carpeted mat indoors absorbs any remaining moisture. Also, place an umbrella stand and a large empty coat tree near the door so potential buyers can unburden themselves upon entering the home.

Increase the Warmth

A warm and welcoming house is a house that is more likely to sell. Turn up the heat so that no one has frosty toes upon entering a room. If you have an electric or gas fireplace, this can add a bit of visual warmth to the room. Also, warm up the feeling of the home by increasing the light. Open up all shades and turn on the lights in the rooms. You may even want to place a few mirrors in the rooms to reflect what little natural light is available during the winter.

Add a Drink Station

A drink station encourages house hunters to linger and really look over the home, instead of rushing through to their next venture. Set out a hot water dispenser and provide a variety of warm winter drinks, such as coffee, tea, cider, and cocoa. Warm muffins can take the place of cookies as a treat. Little touches like these go a long way toward making your home memorable to a buyer.

For more help, contact a real estate agent in your area.