Three Factors Boat Lovers Must Consider When Shopping For Waterfront Properties

Most people would love to stay in a waterfront property. However, those who have lived in or rented beachfront properties before will tell you that they aren't created equal; you need to know why you are looking for a beachfront property so that you can get one that satisfies your needs. For example, here are three things you need to consider if you own a boat or expect to get one soon:

Water Depths and Tides

There is nothing worse than having a boat and access to the water, but not being able to go boating. You may find yourself in this scenario if you rent a waterfront property without considering the water depths and tides.

Different boats have different depth requirements. You know the boats you have or the ones you are likely to have in the future; can they fit in your waterfront?  For example, Will you be able to operate your boat at high tides or low tides? You also need to know where the channels and sandbars are since they can interfere with your boating requirements. Get these facts from the renter, your real estate agent (someone from a place like Gulf Coast Rental Homes), and neighbors before committing yourself to the property. It's also advisable to go out in the boat and get a feel of the area.

Right to Land Use

This is another thing to consider; just because the house you're renting is near the water doesn't mean that you have the rights to use the land in front of your property as you please. For example, it may be that your house isn't actually a waterfront house, but rather a waterview house.

A waterfront house is one whose owner has the rights to use the land between it and the water, for example, build a pier. For a waterview home, you don't have any rights to the land separating you from the water; you only have "the view." This means that, for a waterfront house, the actual owner of the land may even build a fence around it and restrict your activities on the land.

Restrictions on Watercraft

Lastly, you should find out if there are any restrictions on the types of watercrafts that can be used on the water. Such restrictions are usually put in place by homeowners' associations. You don't want to arrive with your 25-foot motorboat only to learn that you can't take it out.

Therefore, be very careful before signing a lease agreement for a beachfront house.