Sentimental Things To Do Upon Selling Your Home

It can be a strange feeling when the house you've been trying to sell is finally sold. On one hand, you're likely excited for the deal to be done and ready to begin focusing on the next chapter of your life. On the other hand, you might feel a bit of melancholy about the idea of leaving the home — especially if it was your first home or otherwise played a key role in your life. While you'll soon be busy with packing and getting ready to turn the keys over, it's nice to be a little sentimental. Here are some such things that you can do after the house is sold.

Take A Lot Of Photos

While you'll already have formal photos of the inside and outside of your home that were taken for the real estate listing, now is the time to take "real" photos. Snap shots in each room that depict how your house looks; this might be different from the pristine look of the photos after the home was staged. In future years, you'll look favorably upon seeing photos that really show how the home looked on a daily basis. You can also take pictures of your family members in their rooms and shots out the windows — for example, the view out your bedroom window that you saw each morning.

Have A Family Dinner

Another way to celebrate your home is to have a family dinner. You can either invite extended family and have a big potluck, or simply cook a favorite meal for your immediate family. During this meal, talk about your fondest memories from your years in the house. Having a family dinner soon after the sale is complete is ideal because you won't have yet packed up dishes and other kitchen items. Another idea for a family dinner is to order food in on the last night that you spend in the home and sit on the floor with your family. This dining scenario might even mimic how you ate your first meal in the house.

Do Something You Never Did

It's nice to be able to move without any regrets, so think about the things that you or your family members wanted to do in the home but never did. Did the kids want to sleep in a tent in the yard? If so, make that a priority. Did you and your spouse want to take a midnight dip in the pool with a glass of wine? Weather permitting, doing so before you leave the house will ensure that you don't have any regrets.

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