How To Go About Choosing The Perfect Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent that's perfect for your property is tough. When you're looking to sell real estate, here are some do's and don'ts to guide your decision process

Consider Referrals, But Go Your Own Way

If you have a friend or family member who is in real estate, that can be a great start. But don't make the mistake of listing with this person before you do some research on their professional success and see if they are a compatible agent with what you need. In some cases, it's better to be upfront and say that you need to make an objective decision that includes other options as well. 

Be Sure to Get References

Whenever you are close to choosing an agent, make sure that you get references from recent clients. The person may have a great selling rate, but if they are a personality is also an important factor in finding the right fit. It tells you something positive if the agent is willing to give you the names and numbers of recent clients, whether you decide to call them or not. 

Don't Choose the Person Who Sold the Most Homes

It's not always as simple as choosing the agent who has sold the most homes in the past year. It may simply be that their company does the best marketing, so they had the most homes listed with them. However, wouldn't you rather opt for someone who sold a very high percentage of the homes that were listed with them, rather than the person who sold the most overall? To find that person, you'll need to cast a wider net and look at big and small real estate firms. 

Don't Choose the Person Who Accepts Your Price

Some real estate agents may agree with your selling price as a way to establish common ground with you. However, it's often better to go with an agent who has a more accurate assessment of your home's value. If several agents quote under your desired price and then one agrees with your own price, it's probably better to look within the pool of agents whose estimates were closer together. Overpricing your home could be a huge headache as you try to sell. 

Do Your Research on the Company

Finally, note that a great real estate agent can only go so far; they must be backed by an excellent real estate firm that can provide marketing dollars and networking opportunities. 

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