Moving Across The Country? Tips For Finding Temporary Housing For Your Family

Getting a job in another state is very exciting, but also can be incredibly stressful when you need to move with a family. You may run into difficulties finding that perfect home, especially if you're going to be living in the city for the very first time. It gets even more complicated with kids and moving in the middle of their school year, which is a time when there are not as many homes up for sale. The solution to this problem is temporary housing, and these tips will help you find a place to live until you find your permanent home.

Contact Your Realtor First

If you do not have an employer that is paying for your temporary housing, it is best to work with your realtor first. Picking a temporary home can involve the same criteria you are looking for in a permanent home. You will want the area to be child-friendly, have local parks, and have plenty of things to do. If you are moving during the current school year, you'll even want to look for a home in a district where you'll potentially be living. This will avoid transferring to a new school twice in one year.

Work with your realtor to narrow down a potential neighborhood with homes that you like, and find temporary housing in that area of the city.

Use An Open-Ended Rental Contract

A temporary housing solution is typically for weeks or months, depending on your needs. You'll quickly run into problems if you find out that the landlord has lined up a new rent for your temporary housing rental after your current term has expired. Always make sure that you rent with a contract that is open-ended, which means that the landlord assumes you'll be renting indefinitely, and the contract ends when you decide to give notice. This will ensure that you can stay in the same temporary home until you find your permanent one.

Don't Plan on Unpacking Everything

Most of the temporary housing available is furnished, and you won't need to unpack everything while you are living there. Plan for this when you pack at your old home, designating which boxes need to go to storage, and what boxes will be moved to your temporary housing. It will help make your stay go smoothly, since you won't need to be rummaging through boxes looking for things that you need in the short-term.

With your temporary housing figured out, you can now work with your realtor to find the home you hope to settle down in for the foreseeable future. For more information, check out