3 Real Estate Features You Need To Look For If You Plan On Owning A Large Breed Dog

If your dreams of owning a home with white-picket fences comes with a large breed dog, you'll need to choose your permanent home carefully. America is a very pet-friendly country, with approximately 37 to 47% of all households in the U.S. owning a dog and approximately 30 to 37% owning a cat. If you own or plan on owning a large dog, you already know that you'll have to make certain changes in your life to accommodate your big, furry friend. In particular, here are 3 specific features you should look for when looking at houses for sale.

A City with No Breed Restriction Pertaining to Your Dog 

When moving to another state or city, the first thing you want to do is make sure that the city does not have any breed restrictions in place. While there may be several real estate properties available, not all properties may be located in a city that allows you to own a larger dog. Over 700 cities have enacted breed-specific legislation that mostly affect larger breeds. For example, there are restrictions in place for owning pit bulls, canary dogs and American bulldogs in Akron, Ohio. Check to make sure that the neighborhood you'll be moving in permits larger breeds. Discuss your concerns with not only your real estate agent, but potential neighbors before making an offer on a property you're interested in. This feature alone can help you weed out a lot of potential real estate that are otherwise perfect. 

A Large Yard with Fencing Around the Perimeter

While larger breeds of dogs do not necessarily require more exercise than smaller breeds of dogs, they do require more space to exercise. Smaller breeds of dogs may have sufficient space to run around inside your home, but this often will not accommodate the needs of larger breed dogs. Look for properties with large yards, so you can allow your dog to run around to get the fresh air and exercise it needs.

If you don't want to have to spend a lot of time renovating the yard, make sure that the yard is surrounded by relatively tall fencing already. The fencing is used to keep your dog on the property and will prevent it from running off. Homes with large yards are perfect. You need to make sure that the property already has a large yard, as you don't want to have to tear the house down in order to make room for a large yard later on in the future. 

Dog Parks and Dog-Friendly Trails Nearby

Once again, location of the houses for sale is everything. Having a large yard may not be sufficient, as larger breeds of dogs will have less terrain to explore. Ideally, you'll want to take your dog out more often instead of keeping it in the yard. Look for real estate properties that have dog parks and dog-friendly trails nearby within walking distance. You should also consider whether there are many other dogs nearby, as you'll want to socialize your dog.


Let the real estate agent know about the specific requirements each property must have in order to meet your expectations. Larger breeds of dogs tend to have more needs than smaller breeds when it comes to finding an appropriate and suitable home. When looking for a house for sale, you must take into consideration what you want in the future. The perfect house for sale will be able to accommodate larger dog breeds.