Getting Your Home Pet-Free For An Upcoming Open House

If you are gearing up to sell your home, making your home seem like a pet-free environment can actually bring in more interest for your home. While you love your pets, you will be able to cast a larger net when it comes to potential buyers who might not enjoy or are allergic to pets. Here are four tips for getting your home pet-proofed before your open house.

1. Getting Rid of Pet Fur

If you are staying in your home while selling, it can be hard to get rid of all of the fur that pets leave behind on a regular basis. It is a good idea to make a big effort the day before your open house to wipe down baseboards, sweep, and clean all furnishings where cat and dog hair might collect. Use damp rubber gloves or packing tape to pull up hair that is stuck to furnishings or that needs to be pulled from carpeted crevices.

2. Getting Rid of Pet Odor

Don't forget that you might not be able to smell pet odors in your home once you have adjusted to this. Bring in a friend or have your real estate agent let you know if pets are lingering in the air. You might have to do a deep carpet clean or at least deodorize and vacuum your home right before an open house. Having candles, fresh scented potpourri, and open windows can help alleviate smells throughout your home as well during showings.

3. Take Your Pets During Open Homes or Viewings

Even if you have a sweet cat that doesn't mind people, there might be potential home buyers that mind cats. If you can bring all of your pets with you when you vacate your home for an open house, this will keep pets from distracting or scaring off viewers. Try to find a friend you can visit for the day with pets or bring your pets to a boarding facility to keep them safe and out of the way.

4. Hide All Traces of Pet Items

While it might be a drag to have to hide your day-to-day items when showing your home for the weekend, it is worth it to hide all items belonging to pets. Even if you have gotten up all fur and taken your pets out of your home for the day, sometimes even the sight of a leash or a litter box can raise red flags for potential buyers. There will always be individuals who might dislike or are allergic to pets.

There is nothing wrong with having a home full of pets, but it is important to remember that this environment might not necessarily be for everyone. It is important that your open house is as depersonalized as possible. This includes getting your home to a pet-free state for potential buyers to view without potential biases. Click here for more information on real estate for sale.