Four Tips To Quickly Sell Your Home Without An Agent

Selling a home on your own can seem like a daunting task, especially in a difficult economic housing market. Despite the apparent ease of using a real estate agent, there are homebuyers searching for properties being sold by owners. This is done to avoid the high fees and unneeded processes that can make working with an agent difficult. These 4 tips will help you as a homeowner quickly and effectively sell your home.  

Set the Right Price

A real estate agent will tell you this is something that only a pro can get right, but that simply isn't true. Pricing your house is as simple as getting a professional appraisal done, and double checking that the price matches other similar homes on the market. Online services allow you to price your home very inexpensivly, simply add the square footage and other features that add value to your home. 

Using a Listing Service 

A sign in the yard is great, but online listing services give you the reach you'll need to quickly sell your home. Only use flat-fee multiple site listing services. With these sites, you will pay a one time fee to list your home online for a specific time frame. Some websites will charge you per look, meaning every time someone logs in and views your home, you pay for it. This can quickly become costly and it yields results similar to a one-time fee site. 

Use Creative Marketing

Social media is an excellent way to reach family and friends quickly, who may pass your listing on to their friends as well. It's a quick way to reach those who may be invested in seeing you sell your home successfully. Don't be afraid to piggyback off of the marketing efforts of others. If there is an open house in your neighborhood being hosted by a professional real estate agent, make sure there are signs pointing to your own home for potential buyers to see. 

Create a Selling Point

Having a gimmick may seem silly, but it can make all the difference. Consider listing your home for the price you want, and adding a flat screen TV in the listing for the buyer. Consider offering gift cards to individuals who make offers on your home. These types of things can catch the eye of a potential buyer and make you stand out from the crowd.  It's much better to offer a gimmick that will encourage a buyer to pay asking price than to drop your listing price and lose money.