Landscaping Tips To Boost Curb Appeal For Your Multi-Family Property

The size and variability of the land on a multifamily property can make landscaping difficult to say the least. Large stretches of grass, criss-crossing pathways, garden beds and potted plants are all common features around multi family homes. For property owners, planning a landscape around a multifamily property that will boost curb appeal and be easy to maintain can be a challenge. These tips will help you plan a landscape that will be both attractive and relatively easy to maintain, which will help you attract new and valuable tenants this spring.

Keep the Water Needs Consistent

Plant flowers and shrubs that need approximately the same amount of water so that your watering schedule can remain consistent throughout the property. To keep your watering schedule manageable, try planting specimens that like a good soak but need to dry out between waterings. Better yet, if your climate will sustain it, plant succulents and family-friendly non-thorny cacti to keep your watering needs to a minimum. Desert landscaping is popular right now because it's environmentally friendly, which will help you attract responsible tenants. This will also help you save money on water and keep your watering maintenance needs very low.

Plant Perennials Instead of Annuals

Perennials get planted once and then they don't need to be planted again. Putting perennials on your property will ensure that you don't have to re-plant everything when the spring comes. On a side note, having the same plants from one year to the next will ensure that you'll have plenty of time to become an expert in maintaining the plants on your property. As you get practice caring for your plants, your property will look better with each passing year.

Provide Lots of Patio Areas and Shady Places to Sit

Families tend love functional outdoor space like patio areas, and residents often love space for entertaining. As a bonus, patios and shady sitting spots don't need to feature a lot of greenery and landscaping, which means less maintenance for you. Be sure to establish lots of places for people to sit and chat and grill outdoors.

Cultivate Healthy Grass

Many tenants are attracted to healthy grass. In addition, keeping healthy grass can drive out weeds from your property, which can reduce the amount of time you spend pulling weeds and spraying weed killer. To attract good tenants, especially family groups, cultivate healthy grass by fertilizing regularly and watering as needed throughout the spring and summer.

Good luck with your landscaping efforts! Following these smart landscaping tips will help you attract good tenants this spring. For more information on multi family homes, visit websites like