5 Ways To Save Money On Renting A Two Bedroom Apartment

Renting is something that everyone wants to save money on. After all, you don't actually own the apartment, so saving as much as you can on it ensures that it feels worth it in the end. Here are five ways to save on two bedrooms apartment for rent:

  1. Negotiate: When you are talking about the monthly rent before signing your lease, you should consider attempting to negotiate on the price. For example, you can offer to sign for a shorter lease term so long as they decrease the monthly rent amount. Apartment owners typically want you to sign a shorter lease because once the lease is up, they can begin charging you a higher rental amount. You could even negotiate on the cost of your parking space or ask them to include some utilities in your rental agreement. This may not always work, but it's always worth a try.
  2. Get a Roommate: Unless you plan on using the extra bedroom in your two bedroom apartment for kids, an office space, or a guest bedroom, you can actually save a great deal of money by getting a roommate and charging them a monthly amount for renting out the room. This can lower what you are actually spending on rent significantly. You just want to be sure that the roommate signs the lease agreement, as well to ensure that if they skip out on a payment, you won't be the one responsible for making it up. 
  3. Ask for a Discount: Some apartment managers will provide a discount on the monthly rent if you help find an occupant for an empty apartment. If you have friends or family looking for an apartment, tell your apartment manager and ask if you can receive a discount for helping to move your friends or family in a vacant space. 
  4. Manage Your Utilities: Turning off the lights before you leave your home and only running the dishwasher or washing machine when you absolutely need to is going to save you money on your utility bill. You should also request for maintenance if you have any leaks, which is going to up your water bill each month until you get it fixed. Don't wait to request maintenance for these types of issues. 
  5. Use the Facilities: If your apartment community has a gym on site, cancel your gym membership and use that instead. Some apartment communities will even have offices where you can use their computers, which means you can cancel your Internet if you only use it for work and work in the office on-site instead. This can even allow you to open up the second bedroom for a roommate. 

When you utilize these five ways to save money on renting a two bedroom apartment, you can be sure that you are taking full advantage and your apartment will really start to feel like home because you will be as stress free as possible.