Oriental Rug Repair: When To Call A Professional

Unlike traditional carpets and area rugs, Oriental rugs are typically made of wool and handmade dyes that can easily become damaged when exposed to tears, water, and stains. Depending on the value of your rug, it may be best to have it professionally cleaned and repaired if the rug is high in value. You should never attempt to fix an Oriental rug yourself due to their sensitive nature. Here are some facts about Oriental rug damage and why you should always consult with a professional to have it cleaned and fixed.

Common Problems

Any rug that sits in an area with heavy wear and tear (i.e. a lot of foot traffic) will show fading and fiber damage over time. You can always rotate the rug to help lengthen its life, but a rug that's worn too thin or shows rips in it should be professionally fixed or else it will become unusable. Another common problem with any type of area rug is water damage caused from a plant pot that sits on the surface. Water can seep into the wool fibers of the rug, causing them to turn brittle and even break. Over time, this area will actually disintegrate if not corrected in time. Never place a potted plant on your Oriental rug so you can prevent this kind of damage. Some other common issues with Oriental rugs include fading from the sun when placed near a window, or rugs that have been eaten by moths or water after being stored in a dark, damp basement.

How Professionals Can Help

A professional rug restorer and repair facility knows how to return your Oriental rug to its former glory. When it comes to worn down fibers, they can re-loom new threads into the existing rug backing. They know how to hand select the correct color of wool fiber or yarns to repair the rug so it looks as if nothing ever happened. This type of repair should be reserved for the professionals only since they have the skills needed to hand-weave the damaged areas of your rug. When it comes to mold or water damage, professionals will use a specially made soap and bleach combination to remove odors and get any mildew out of the wool fibers. There are also new products available specially for Oriental rugs that can remove any water stains or smells. Keep an eye out for signs of wear or damage to your Oriental rug, and call an Oriental rug cleaning and restoration professional immediately so they can help stop the damage before it gets worse and your rug is ruined for good.