Maintaining The Carpet In Your Home Daycare Spaces

Since the children who attend your home daycare are hard on your home's flooring, it is vital that you understand how to properly care for the carpet in areas that the kids have access to in your house. Even if you vacuum the carpeting each day, there are many other things that you can do to keep the carpets looking as clean, and smelling as fresh, as possible. 

To maintain the carpet in your home daycare spaces, follow these guidelines:

Use the Right Stain Cleaners

The first cleaner you should always try on fresh carpet stains is plain water. Rather than using hot water that can bake in stains or cold water that can be ineffective at removing grease, you should always use a lukewarm water for cleaning carpet stains. If plain water doesn't remove the stain, then you need to use some cleaner.

The key to removing stains in carpeting is to tailor the stain cleaner to the type of stain. For example:

  • Use dish washing soap to remove grease or sugar stains
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood or urine stains
  • Use club soda to remove grape juice, wine, and beer stains

When these stain removers are not effective, you can always use a solution of white vinegar mixed in a bowl of warm water.

Use the Right Stain Cleaning Technique

When you are cleaning a stain, it is important for you to scrape off any solids from the top of the carpet's fibers. You can use the edge of a dustpan to accomplish this. Once the solids have been removed, then you should clean the stain by dabbing water on it starting on the outside of the stained area. Working inward, dab the water on with a wet rag and wick up the excess water using clean paper towels.

You should never rub the stain into the carpet's fibers as this can cause permanent damage. Instead, if the dabbing technique is not working, then switch to a different cleaner. If the cleaners listed above are not working, then you can use a carpet cleaning solution available in the cleaning aisle at your local grocery store.

Use the Proper Vacuuming Technique

Once all of the stains have been removed from the carpeting, you need to vacuum the carpet. Rather than vacuuming just one direction, vacuum the entire floor moving from one wall to the other. Then move to the other wall and vacuum the carpeting in a grid pattern. This technique ensures that you remove all of the dirt between the carpet's fibers. 

For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from A Plus Cleaning Service Inc.