4 Features To Look For In Your Corporate Housing

If you are looking for corporate housing options to help ease transitions for new hires or to give a comfortable place for summer interns to stay, there are a few features that you should look for. Since many corporate housing options are similar in terms of design and quality, these extra features will make your housing options stand out and make your employees feel comfortable, valued, and welcome.  

Transportation Options 

Your corporate housing should have onsite parking, in case an employee is traveling in their car. However, they should also offer airport pickup and be near a subway or bus line that can quickly get your employees into your office or at the downtown building they need to be at. Avoid housing that requires multiple transportation changes to get your employees to your office. As a bonus, look for housing that offers bicycle rental and storage to encourage physical activity among your employees. 

A Dedicated Work Space 

It is important that your employee is able to work comfortably both in your office and from their home. For this reason, look for corporate housing that includes a dedicated office space. While this can simply be a desk in one of the rooms, make sure there are sufficient connectivity options for a laptop and a comfortable, adjustable office chair to encourage proper ergonomics among your employees, even when they are composing a late-night email from their corporate apartment. 

Grocery Delivery Options 

If you really want your employees to hit the ground running, then you need to look for housing that makes them feel like their current location is their home. Rather than having your employees waste time and energy looking for a grocery store, select a corporate housing option that includes online grocery delivery. This way, your employees can get the ingredients they need without wasting time. 

Regular Cleaning Services 

Similar to grocery delivery, regular cleaning service is an amenity that will make your employees feel more comfortable and give them more time to concentrate on their work. If your employees will be staying for more than a week, consider options that include a weekly cleaning service to allow your employees to concentrate on the more important aspects of their job. 

Corporate housing can be necessary if you have offices in multiple cities, if you often hire consultants or interns, or if your employees often travel. To make sure you are getting the best housing for your employees, consider looking for these extra features.