What Are The Responsibilities Of A Buyer's Agent?

If you are thinking about buying a home, you might want to consider getting help from a buyer's agent. This type of real estate is there to help you every step of the way, from locating homes that fit your preferences, to preparing paperwork at the end of the purchase. Here are some things that a buyer's agent can help you with.

Identify Your Needs and Preferences

One of the great things about a buyer's agent is that by talking to you and your spouse, they can identify what your main needs are with a new home. They might even uncover things you hadn't considered, such as the fact that you are more motivated to certain styles of homes or types of neighborhoods. They will always start the home buying process by meeting with you, getting a feel for what you are looking for, and asking specific questions that help them understand what the most important qualities of a new home are.

Research the Buyer's Market

Another excellent benefit of having a buyer's market is the fact that they keep track of your local real estate market and inform you of the changes. They will look at your budget and how much you hope to spend on the home, then inform you of the types of homes you will find in certain neighborhoods. If you had your eye on one specific neighborhood, they will let you know about the average household size and price, what the schools are like there, and whether or not you might be facing zoning issues.

Show You Unlisted Homes

Also consider the fact that buyer's agents not only find homes that buyers are listing on various MLS websites, but they often have inside information about homes for sale that are not yet listed. Some home sellers don't want to be contacted by too many people, so they stick with just one or two real estate companies. If your buyer's agent works for a real estate firm, they will know about available homes before the general public does. This allows you to see amazing homes without having to submit competing offers.

Help With Additional Home Buying Services

Aside from simply showing you homes, the buyer's agent also helps you narrow down your choices base don amenities or features of homes. For example, if it is an older home, they will get an asbestos inspection done so you know whether or not asbestos is present. They will provide you with information about getting inspections prior to putting in offers and selecting a good mortgage loan company.