What To Look For In A Room For College

Seeking housing when you go to college is about more than simply finding affordable rent, it's about finding the perfect place to call home while you undergo your studies. Here are things you should look for when seeking ideal college room listings.

Proximity to college

Not all college rooms are located on campus. If you don't want to live right in the heart of your educational institution, you should still seek a college room that is close enough to your school to walk to. This way, if you have issues with your vehicle or choose to use a bike to get to and from class, you can quickly get to your classes with ease. If you can, choose a college room listings within a few miles of your school.

Nearby locales

Convenience in location is about more than simply finding housing close to campus, it's about locating a room that is close to other necessities as well. Choose a college room that is near local restaurants or fast food places, the library, nearby parks, or shopping centers for easy access to fun hot spots in the area that you can enjoy without having to go across town.


Security is a large concern when choosing housing while you are in college. Choose a facility that has a lighted parking area, on-site security, and security cameras located on main entry doors and the parking lot for added safety when renting your college room. If there is no on-site security, make sure there is a room manager or supervisor that can be reached on a 24-hour basis in the event of a housing emergency.


While you may only need a single room to call home while you are in college, you still want to choose housing that has ample space. Look for a unit that has a large bathroom so if you have roommates you can all get ready for class at once. Some college rooms even feature sinks and mirrors outside the bathroom for added convenience so students don't have to share a single bathroom for doing their hair or brushing their teeth. A large kitchen with a dining area, along with a living area and deep closets, can also make your living space much more comfortable if you are choosing housing where you will have roommates.

Choosing a college room while going to school can seem overwhelming, but if you pay attention to space, location, and security benefits, you can easily find the best housing for your needs while you further your education.