Check Out These 3 Features In Historic Downtown Apartments

Making the decision to rent an apartment is your first step toward independence. It takes you out of living with your parents and into doing something on your own. While some people prefer a new, modern, updated apartment, there are others who are looking for something more historic. The beauty and charm of a historic apartment is unlike anything a modern apartment has to offer. Just check out some of the different features you will find inside of a historic apartment building.

Brick interior walls.

When you look at the modern apartments of today, you are going to find a standard wall composed of drywall and painted according to the apartment complex's specifications. This neutral colored wall will match the rest of the apartment and provide you with a flat finish that you can easily hang your pictures and other wall décor on. However, historic downtown apartments tend to have interior walls made of brick. Not only is the brick sturdier than what drywall is going to be, but it adds a sense of charm and sophistication that drywall simply doesn't have.

Wood columns.

To help accentuate the inside of the apartment, historic buildings often feature wood columns. These columns span from the floor to the ceiling. They are often composed of a sturdy wood such as oak, maple, hickory or cherry. They blend in nicely with the rest of the surroundings and provide stability to your structure. Wood columns look beautiful when you wrap an artificial vine around them or adorn them with some white-colored lights.

Tall ceilings.

The apartments today often have a standard 8-foot ceiling, although this will vary based on apartment complex. Older buildings tend to have taller ceilings. What might be standard today was considered short for apartments of old. In fact, back years ago, the typical ceiling height was about 12-feet. That's a two-foot height difference when you look at 50-100 years ago compared today. Those tall ceilings are ideal for taller residents and those who love the cathedral ceiling look.

When you stop and look at the features above, it makes sense why people are making the decision to step into one of these apartments over the modern ones of today. However, it is merely a personal choice and one that only you can make. Spend some time checking out both options to see which apartment is best suited for your needs and wants.